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Bicycling In Greensboro (BIG) is a volunteer-run, grassroots advocacy organization, focused on improving conditions for, and awareness of, bicycling throughout the Greater Greensboro area.  BIG carries out its mission through Advocacy, Alliances, Education, Events, and Service, with the ultimate goals of safe and convenient bicycling for transportation, recreation, health, environmental quality, and energy independence.

BIG Job Opening

Bicycling In Greensboro (BIG) is excited to take the next step in our evolution. Two years ago, we were able to hire our first Executive Director. With the addition of a paid Executive Director, BIG is now positioned as the go-to resource for all things "bicycle" in the community, utilizing strong community partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals, and has developed a close working relationship with municipal staff and several elected officials.

While our first Executive Director has resigned her position, she plans to continue moving BIG forward through ongoing volunteer efforts with us. Giving careful consideration to the skills, knowledge, and experience required to take the organization to the next level, BIG has changed the job  title and description and is officially announcing the opening of a half-time (average of 20 hours per week) contracted Executive Project Manager position.

Please take a look at the job posting and share it with all the relevant contacts in your personal network. Thank you for your continued support of BIG and your help making the Greater Greensboro Area an excellent place to live, work and play, with bicycling an integral part of the quality of life.

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