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Bicycling in Greensboro (BIG) was originally formed by a group of passionate individuals interested in creating a local citizen advocacy organization to improve the safety of cycling in our community. 

More history>>
Our current advocacy projects and annual goals can be viewed here.

As a cycling advocacy group, BIG was founded to educate citizens about upcoming legislation, provide opportunities for citizens to engage with public officials regarding cycling infrastructure improvements, and helping riders better understand the rules of the road. We have expanded our organizations goals to include providing access to bikes for those struggling financially, conducting bike education courses, and hosting community bike events. Through our efforts we hope to shape Greensboro into a bicycle friendly community with bike infrastructure and laws that protect cyclists safety. 

Bicycling produces many tangible benefits including strengthening our economy, promoting public health, connecting our neighborhoods, and is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. BIG welcomes people from all walks of life to become bike advocate as we aim to build an inclusive network of people passionate about cycling and the positive change it can bring to our community.

Any concerned citizen, voter, volunteer, or donor can help support our mission. If you are interested in contributing your time or talent please check out our volunteer page to see all of our current opportunities. As a non-profit we are always looking for financial resources to help us accomplish our goals. Donate now>>

BIG's status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit limits the percentage of our annual revenues that can be spent on lobbying efforts. Of our modest annual revenues very little has been spent on lobbying.

Below is a form to submit road and traffic advocacy requests. The Google form scrolls separately than the web page, so position your mouse within the Google form frame and scroll there.

If you have trouble formulating your response to the questions on the form, here is an example you can use.

Thank you for your valuable input!

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